1st-2nd October 2015, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA

An Event with Excellent Opportunities for Pharma/Biotech/ Medical Device Companies to Meet Their Local Partners (CROs, SMOs, Data Management Companies, Laboratories and Couriers) for the Development of Clinical Studies.

Why to attend?

Eastern Europe’s investigative sites are known to be fast enrollers due to patient availability; lower costs for conducting clinical trials and high quality data provided by the investigative sites. All of these are making a clear competitive advantage when compared to the already established markets. The Eastern Europe region has a good clinical trial infrastructure, which along with the other advantages transform it in the best option for clinical research studies.

Who Should Attend?
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Devices Companies
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Data Management Companies
  • Site Management Organizations
  • Bioequivalence Units
  • Laboratories
  • Courier Companies
Event Opportunities

European Emerging Countries have a lot of opportunities and advantages in conducting clinical studies.

The focus of this International Conference is to bring clinical studies to populations under-represented in previous clinical trials and to enable access of naive populations to such studies. Such populations are welcoming the benefits resulting from new drugs, devices, vaccines or dietary supplements.

Industry Service Providers from 20 European Emerging countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Letonia, Estonia) will attend this event.

Delegates from Europe, USA and Canada representing pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies are expected to participate at this event in order to establish strategic business relationships with the local industry providers.

The event is planned to have an interactive and productive format: each participant having the chance to establish relationships for developing clinical studies. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the regulatory environment in these countries and more-over,will have the chance to understand the industry issues in these countries. All these emerging countries have adhered to ICH/GCP guidelines, but still there are some national specific requirements applicable in some countries.

This event is not offering only the possibility to attend the conference, but also the participants have the chance to gain insights about European emerging countries environment related to clinical research as well as a plenary exposure during the conference. Also, we are offering the chance to establish one-to-one meetings between industry service providers and potential clients for their clinical studies.

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